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Our mission is to enable organizations to increase their innovation capability, by providing a methodology and Innovation Management Community.


Use statistical graphic dashboards to watch the innovation pulse of your organisation at work, seeing where to best apply your management support for the value being generated by your innovation efforts.

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Connect in communities where ideas and challenges meet experience and knowledge - and build an innovation culture from within.

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Global Footprint

The world is increasingly connected – so are we. From our locations in 7 countries around the world , we offer a global solution to satisfy your local needs.

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Tailor and implement your own innovation processes, supported by Induct's best-practice experience – and apply your own visual brand identity.

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"We have seen a dramatic change to a one hundred year old culture; Typically, only researchers would submit ideas, but with Induct, we now receive ideas from every type of employee!"
Aalborg University Hospital, Denmark