All of inducts leaders have a strong passion for innovation, and we believe having this passion is a key factor to be the leader in the emerging industry of innovation management. Our values are the core representation of who we are, and how we work. It is the way we live our everyday life, and what gets us up in the morning.



Board of Directors

  • Bjørn Gabrielsen, Chairman, Board of directors 

  • Jan Robin Waaler, Board Member  [+]

  • Alf Martin Johansen, Board Member  [+]

  • Ingvild Myhre, Board Member

  • Øivind Magnussen, Board Member  [+]

Academic Advisory Board

  • Dr. Henry Chesbrough, Head of Academic Advisory Board  [+]

  • Dr. Sabine Brunswicker, Academic Advisory Board Member  [+]

Business Advisory Board

  • Morten Jurs, Member of Business Advisory Board  [+]

  • Bruno Rondani, Member of Business Advisory Board  [+]