We believe we will be able to deliver better healthcare, and realize significant cost savings, from the increased levels of innovation, collaboration, and information sharing achieved through the Induct Community.
— Kari Kværner, Director of Innovation, professorDirector of Innovation, Professor, MD, PhD, MHA, Oslo University Hospital



An international packaging- and logistic cluster founded in 2010 with over 750 users from all over the world. They aim to create an environment connecting members from the food and packaging industry, as well as academia, consumers and the public sector.  

Algar telecom

Brazilian telecommunications company that offers cellular, wireline and broadband. They are known as pioneers and have been the first to launch many services to the Brazilian market, such as 3G technology, unlocked cellular phones, fiber optics. Etc. 


Brazil's leading manufacturer of products within beauty, household, personal care, etc. and is represented all over the world. According to Forbes ranking, Natura was the 10th most innovative company in the world in 2013.



Copenhagen Municipality

Copenhagen Municipality is the largest of the municipalities making up the city of Copenhagen, situated on the eastern coast of Zealand. It lies in the city center Copenhagen and has a population of 580 000. The municipality employees over 40.000 people and is Denmark’s second largest employer only surpassed by the Danish state.


Altinn.no is Norways all-in-one web platform for public reporting, tax returns for both businesses and private. It combines the three largest public agencies in Norway together in a public platform, as well as connecting municipalities and other smaller agencies. 


Ajuntament de Manacor






The role of KSS AHSN’s is to ensure the benefits of healthcare innovation reach as many patients and communities as quickly as possible. KSS connects industry, academia, local government and the NHS, in order to spread innovation and implement best practices in the healthcare sector of the region.


Escola Superior de Comerc Internacional was founded with the support of several major business organizations in the country as a joint initiative of Generalitat de Catalunya and Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The founding objective was to prepare university students for the necessary internationalization of the Catalan production.

Nansen Neuroscience Network

Knowledge network focusing on innovation in neurosciences by bringing industry and academia together through virtual platforms, seminars and meetings. In 2014, the Moser couple (members of NNN) were awarded with a Nobel prize in Physiology and Medicine.



NHS England

England's National Health Service aims to improve health outcomes for people in England. The Innovation Exchange is a new online portal to help healthcare innovators turn their ideas into reality, created and managed by NHS England. Bringing together an unprecedented collection of networks, ideas and resources on a single web platform.

Aalborg University Hospital

Aalborg University Hospital is the largest hospital in the Northern Denmark Region. It is also northern Jutland’s largest employer, with approximately 6,500 employees.

Oslo University Hospital

Scandinavia's greatest hospital with over 20,000 employees. Each year the hospital caries out more than 1.2 million patient treatments and is responsible for approximately 50% of all medical and healthcare research conducted at Norwegian hospitals. In addition, the hospital has a significant role within the education of a large variety of health care personnel.


Sant Pau

Founded more than 600 years ago, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau is widely recognized in its field, making it the reference centre in several specialties. The nursing management unit in the hospital use Induct to connect, collect ideas and foster collaboration in order to create a better patient experience.

Unimed Belo Horizonte

Unimed is the biggest medical cooperative and health insurance operator in Brazil, and has since its start in 1967 grown to be one of the largest in the world as well. Belo Horizonte is known for focusing on delivering quality to its patients, openness and sustainable operations. 

Akershus Uni. Hospital

University Hospital situated right outside of Oslo delivers healthcare services for over 450,000 Akershus residents. It is also Norway's largest emergency hospital with over 9,000 employees.

Sant Joan de Déu

The Sant Joan de Déu hospital in Barcelona is known to be the first Spanish center with a specific department dedicated to promote innovation among its professionals, and the first to set up a specific department in charge of promoting and developing innovation.