Kenneth Ramberg

Mr. Ramberg joined Induct SEA in Barcelona, Spain in early 2015 as a freelance consultant and quickly proven resourceful for Induct and was promoted to the CTO role in Induct AS early 2016. As CTO, Mr. Ramberg is in charge of the overall technological operation and strategy for Induct. While the base of operation for Induct is located in Oslo, Mr. Ramberg, with nearly 20 years living in Barcelona, established in 2016 a new operation and development entity, Induct Research & Development SL in Barcelona to meet the current and future technological need of Induct.

Mr. Ramberg has been working as a software developer, lead, entrepreneur and IT project manager for nearly 25 years in a range of sectors, mainly healthcare. He is holding a bachelor degree in computer science, masters in project management and is a certified PMP.

Mr. Ramberg was born in 1969, is a Norwegian citizen and maintains a business address at Carrer de l'Església 4, 08024 Barcelona, Spain.