In addition to significantly improving the innovation potential within an enterprise, Inducts platform is unique in its ability to facilitate collaboration within an organization with input from customers, partners and suppliers.



From the moment you first seek and capture ideas, Induct will aid you in developing, evaluating, testing, implementing, measuring impact, collecting & sharing learnings, monitoring all this, and producing reports on it. The goal is to increase your innovation capability, and our software supports this from start to finish. 


Keep track of all your innovation processes and value the impact of each and every implemented innovation. 



Connect in communities where ideas and challenges meet experience and knowledge - and build an innovation culture from within.



Our software uses statistical graphic dashboards to watch the innovation pulse of your organization at work, seeing where to best apply your management support for the value being generated by your innovation efforts.



Our software allows you to tailor and implement your own innovation processes, supported by Induct's best-practice experience – and apply your own visual brand identity.

An innovation management methodology and procedure is needed to being able to continuously transform ideas into value.

Technology can increase efficiency, structure and engagement.

The Induct Community has demonstrated increase in existing innovation capacity with more than 3 times



The statistics, reports and visual presentations you extract from the Portfolio and Dashboard, are a live measurement of your innovation heartbeat. This measurement enables you to inject data and analytics deep into your operations. The information gives you better transparency into how your organisation actually works, and is a tool for you to make decisions; these decisions lead to the actions that will help the organisation reach its strategic goals.

Dashboard reporting

The module makes it possible for you to integrate specific innovation metrics into your existing key performance indicator (KPI) reporting. The real time data can easily be presented visually in different modules, using the metrics you choose. You can use it for a range of things, from identifying bottlenecks, to avoid processes being delayed, or to provide information for decision-making during meetings and presentations.

Idea sharing

Manage your company’s innovation portfolio to get an overview of all the ideas, proposals, challenges and other initiatives. Compare the different innovation areas and processes and get better control over the planning of your organisation’s innovation efforts. Induct makes it easier for you to find, and prioritize the areas with the highest payback, value or return on innovation and investment. Most importantly: get things done – by having individual decision making lists and notifications, for managers and gatekeepers.

Reward and recognition program

Motivate your employees by identifying and rewarding your internal innovation champions. For managers and coaches, the score can be an efficient tool to use when executing individual performance talks. Use the program to develop a more collaborative and innovative culture.



The Induct platform is an intuitive community, where ideas and challenges meet experience and knowledge. Employees with different skills and knowledge can collaborate and develop ideas in an efficient way. We give companies the opportunity to facilitate an environment where employees can utilize their competence, experience, and personal skills in their most talented areas.

Idea sharing

Contribute by directly answering questions asked by the organisation. Share your insight and suggestions, and find the interesting ideas and voices in the community. Vote, follow and comment on the ones you like, to make sure others see them as well. This has all been made possible while “on-the-go”, all through your smartphone.


Make campaign driven challenges to engage people to focus on the strategic goals for your organisation. This makes you able to mobilise when there is an urgent need to solve a problem or take on a challenge, as targeted problem solving leads to efficient and faster decision-making.


Use the workspace to share documents, and facilitate discussions. Being a member of a group is an easy way to connect with the people who have the same passion and interest as you.

External Involvement

The Induct Community is not limited to just your employees. Valuable information vital to corporate competitiveness is often available from external sources. By utilizing “Open Innovation”, you can invite people in to mobilise your professional network, and through this you can harness interesting perspectives and insights from a diverse crowd. We have made this fun, safe and free.



In order to meet your organisation’s individuality, Induct offers a highly configurable administration module. So whether you represent a small project group, an academic research institution, or a large corporate multinational, Induct enables you to use your own brand visual, and implement your own best practice innovation processes.

Access control

Induct will make you feel confident and safe enough to open up to external stakeholders and involve trusted people, organisations and networks. You can control visibility and access to different users and categories, and keep your data safe.

Design and looks

Upload the visual profile of your organisation in order to give your community a personal and customizable look. Highlight the features and information you need, and hide the things you don’t.

Multiple Processes

Some processes are intuitive and easy, while others are more complex. Some are made for long-term benefits, some for fast-track benefits and others are made for both. Handle different innovation processes differently and build the process that suits the type of innovations you experience in your organisation.


We make sure everyone gets updated on new tasks and activity in the community by sending live notifications to users. You can also send out e-mails and newsletters with customized templates which match your visual profile in order to connect and update users with a daily, weekly or monthly digest.


Integration through our API

Inducts solution can be integrated in your organisations already existing intranet and internet solutions. This makes it possible for you to develop customized top lists and other reports, based on instant data extract. Use it to make, and involve third party developers to customize your solution.
Learn more over at the Induct API site.


Innovation management is based on a variety of processes that structure the implementation of a particular innovation. From the moment an innovation or idea is created and put into the Induct community, the innovation starts the process ideally leading into implementation. In order for the implementation process to progress smoothly, innovations are categorized by type or origin.


Induct has developed customized implementation processes based on this categorization to provide the ideal pathway for an idea to progress from initiating stage until implementation. AA customized implementation process is a collection of related, structured activities or tasks fosters a smooth and correct idea/innovation implementation and ensures commitment and involvement of all involved stakeholders.


The Idea/innovation process progress information is provided and managed by the Induct community and provides stakeholders with clear and informative visualizations of sequences of activities and highlights and notifies decision points.


Project portfolio management

In innovation management there is high need for Project Portfolio Management which is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by innovation management teams to analyze and qualify the incoming innovations and ideas based on characteristics such as the required implementation resources, implementation process and innovation impact.


The overview of projects is illustrated in the innovation funnel report indicating the number of innovations, their respective position into the implementation process. This funnel is adjustable to the needs of the innovation team, can indicate the origin of a suggestion and manages and informs about the timing and progress of the ideas and innovations.


The objectives of Project Portfolio Management is to properly manage the inflow of ideas and innovations where the number and impact of ideas and innovations is maximized, input and output are kept equal and stakeholders are informed.