Øivind Oberg Magnussen 

Mr Magnussen is a serial entrepreneur with a long track record in building international digital businesses. He worked 8 years in New York from 1992 – 2000 within the Investment Bank industry and was part of establishing DnB Securities office in NY. From 2000 and until now he has been starting up different technology companies outside Norway. Opticore, a company based in Gothebourg, Sweden, doing 3D rendering software for the Manufacturing Industry and sold to Autodesk in 2006. He has started multiple digital business in the US/Canada, lately in 2007, Speedmedia, a company doing distribution, asset management and post-production of digital content international for global brands. During the last year he has been helping Piql, Norway (Data-preservation), establish themselves in the US market and also on the Board on Seabased AB, a Swedish wave-energy company. He holds a BBA from Copenhagen Business School from 1987.