Improving the quality-to-cost ratio

Today, healthcare is facing substantial budgetary pressure that affects the ability of healthcare providers to satisfy the growing demands of key stakeholders. Thus, there is a critical need to implement innovative, proactive solutions to overcome the many challenges of running healthcare organisations.


Induct helps healthcare providers to reach their goals, whether these are:


Cost Savings

Increased Quality of Care

Better Employee Experience

Better Patient Experience

Increased Revenues


The software-and-process-supported communities assisted by Induct encourage and guide the collaborative generation and the sharing of solutions. Such solutions can be as simple as changing housekeeping schedules to save surprisingly large amounts of staff time and costs, or as complex as pioneering new surgical procedures.

The power of connecting everyone in an innovation community

The user-friendly interface developed by Induct connects people within and across organizational and professional boundaries in a shared cause. Everyone contributes their own creative perspectives and committed efforts. Clinicians of all types, administrators, non-clinical staff, patients and their families, service and product suppliers, researchers, local authorities or advocacy groups, are some of those able to actively contribute to meaningful results. There are hundreds of different roles in hospitals and other types of healthcare organisations, and Induct's collaboration system can engage them all. By engaging and encouraging everyone to contribute to their innovation community, Induct enables improvement in the range, quality and impact of the ideas that are submitted. Users can be involved from both inside or outside the healthcare organisation, sharing diverse perspectives on and expertise in both challenges and solutions. The intuitive user-friendly interface also makes training unnecessary, instantly qualifying your entire organisation to contribute.

Increasing the innovation capability and becoming more efficient

With Induct, a healthcare organisation's entire innovation and self-improvement capabilities are increased. Innovation teams are able to recruit, assess, select, develop, monitor, measure and deploy cost-effective solutions and diffuse these for increased adoption, adaption and impact. Management teams use Induct software's on-demand reporting and analytic tools to enable more efficient decision-making. The status and progress of initiatives can be instantly tracked in the innovation funnels and quadrants. Time and stress spent on reporting is relieved, as Induct facilitates streamlined, focused information viewing and sharing.

  • Managers can see and act on opportunities to increase value and mitigate risks associated with their innovative initiatives.
  • Every initiative goes through predefined processes established to support different types of innovation.
  • Reporting on activities, progress and impact within the organisation is simple and straightforward, greatly reducing time-expenditure, report-seeking and/or report-writing. The stakeholders responsible can clearly see what is happening in their innovation pipeline regarding specified focal interests, cost-saving, etc.
  • The "wisdom of the crowd" is tapped into by using Induct's social media tools – energizing and enabling users to comment upon and "follow" each other's contributions, and even to collaborate in work-groups on proposed ideas.

Healthcare organisations' processes, systems and cultures become tuned to provide cost-effective innovation solutions that meet their escalating challenges.

Top-level monitoring

Induct allows healthcare organisations to manage and monitor their innovation investment portfolio at the top level, with full control of the innovation efforts happening in their systems. The innovation pipeline featured in the Induct Community provides a real-time graphic presentation of all the innovations and activities that are underway. These initiatives and activities can be monitored according to their key performance indicators (KPIs) and relevance to strategic clinical and non-clinical focus areas.

At a moment's notice, healthcare leaders are thus able to provide accurate, up-to-date information regarding all their innovation initiatives, and their impact on improving service quality and operational efficiency. In this way, Induct provides the means by which healthcare organizations can manage their accountability and transparency, while renewing public confidence in their endeavors.


Adapting and adopting – Innovation as a shared practice

Induct enables healthcare communities to create and share ideas, learn and to adopt and adapt the best practices from around the corner and around the world. By engaging and mobilising collaboration across organisational boundaries, the chance of finding the knowledge and experience required for success is significantly increased. With Induct, healthcare organisations can launch target-specific challenges to recruit solutions from people between several communities and connect them together in an innovation ecosystem. Through the use of the interactive, collaboration-centred tools and techniques offered by Induct, organisations can engender a sense of community, solidarity and unity. This in turn strengthens the public image of the organisation, and establishes a collaborative network through which best practice and innovation can be spread.


Partners- and memberships

Induct strives to be involved and foster learning and co-creation. The following are some of our key collaborations and memberships of the Induct Group. We continue expand this network for our ongoing participation in each of their areas, to discuss and understand the need in the communities that we are hosting on the Induct Plattform. 


Findings, methodology and best practices can be easily shared and adapted from other healthcare organisations.