Contract with UK National Health Service (NHS)

Oslo, Norway – 5th of August, 2016
Kent Surrey Sussex Academic Health Science Network (KSS AHSN) and Induct UK have entered into a two year contract which includes the use of the Induct platform for the purpose of reviewing and improving the end-of-life care procedures in the region in coordination with 8 healthcare partners. The contract is worth £83,000 for the initial period.

The initial partners will be UK National Healthcare Service (NHS) providers Surrey and Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust and Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust. The two distinctly different locations will be used to compare and contrast experiences and to build engagement across the region for improving healthcare through the sharing and adoption of best practices and ideas.

Death is a unique experience for each individual despite its common inevitability. It is society’s responsibility to demand that the support provided to people as they end their journey of life is as good as it possibly can be. Healthcare professionals are not always in the best position to lead on new ideas for improving care or to find new ways of addressing the shortcomings in current care pathways. Often, it is patients, citizens, charities, third parties and social care organizations that are actually best positioned to suggest meaningful change.

Using Induct’s innovation management social network platform to capture details of both recognized and unrecognized problems, and to develop possible solutions (products, services, and processes), the healthcare partners will take a collaborative approach in trying to develop better end-of-life care pathways. The platform will also facilitate engagement with the various stakeholders involved in the end-of-life care delivery matrix, including patients, care givers, families, ambulance trusts, general practitioners, nursing homes, hospices, hospitals, charities, and various local community care support organizations.

“We have found the platform delivered by Induct to be a very intuitive and effective way for engaging a wide range of staff and encouraging them to bring forward their ideas for improvement,” said Des Holden, Medical Director of Surrey and Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust. “We’re excited to start using the platform across a wider group of people and organizations, including charities, commissioners, ambulance trusts, hospices, hospitals, and hopefully patients and their families. Our goal is to use their fresh insights and new ideas as the basis for design and implementation of the best possible care pathways for those approaching the end of their lives.”

“Induct is delighted that its world-leading innovation management software and social network platform will be used as the infrastructure for this important NHS project,” said Alf Martin Johansen, CEO of Induct. “It will enable the stakeholders to collaborate and develop improved ways of caring for the dying. The Induct platform is currently being implemented across healthcare organizations around the world, all of which can benefit from the Norwegian healthcare system’s efforts to support collaborative healthcare improvement programs. It will be exciting for us to experience and share the results of this new UK effort.”

For further information, please contact:
Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer
47 90 17 94 35

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