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Induct AS to ring the starting bell at Merkur Market on January 13 2016.

Oslo, December 15, 2015

Induct is pleased to announce that the company has initiated a process of an initial public offering (“IPO”) in Oslo. Induct is the first company ready to be admitted to trading on Oslo Børs’ new marketplace Merkur Market, and Induct will ring the starting bell when it opens for first day of trading on January 13, 2016.

Merkur Market is an option for especially smaller and medium-sized companies that want access to the capital markets, and companies can raise equity without taking on all the obligations that come with a full listing on both Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

Trading takes place in the same way on all three marketplaces, which is via electronic order book trading using the Oslo Børs trading system for all shares and equity certificates on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess and Merkur Market. Nordic and international investment firms that are members of Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess are able to trade on Merkur Market. Oslo Børs’ market surveillance activities are also the same for the three marketplaces.

Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer of Induct says: “A listing of our shares on Merkur Market is an important step for us on our journey to become the preferred solution for innovation management software. Induct has shown great development over the last years and has built a strong business model and limited risk profile enabling us to achieve a solid performance. The listing on Merkur Market will give us easier and more efficient access to capital to grow our business further”. He continues: “With several new milestones in 2015, I am very happy that our strong progress and success is being acknowledged and I would like to thank our customers, partners, employees and shareholders for their continuous support over the last years and in this important process starting today.

For further information, please contact:


Alf Martin Johansen, Chief Executive Officer

+47 9017 9435

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