Service Status at Induct

Regularly Induct update its services, mostly all goes unnoticed as we delegate web traffic between our servers, however Induct can, when necessary, schedule a maintenance window during non-peak, non-standard hours for system maintenance. If an extended maintenance period is required, the maintenance will be scheduled when it will have the least impact on our customers whenever possible (usually nights or weekends). For extended maintenance periods, Induct will notify the clients minimum 48 hours in advance. Notification will be sent by e-mail to the client's primary contact, as stated in the term of subscription.

Below we list recent status and resolution on our service:

No Downtime Scheduled.

12. April 2018 18:05 CET
Induct Services restored.
     All services has been restored and tested. We continue invstigating, testing and documenting the incident.

12. April 2018 15:58 CET
Some unavailability.
     Some clients are experiencing access problems to sites or pages. It is related to the localization database and we are updating related configurations.

29. June 2017 21:10 CET
Uncontrolled Repeaded Mail-Notifications Sent.
     Some of the users in certain communities unfortunately recieved repeated mail-notifications from our notification center which which we eventually managed to contain shortly after we got notified. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may caused. We are fixing de defect and evaluating the options to avoid this ever happen again.

3. February 2017 19:04 CET
Induct service restored.
     We are sorry for any inconvenience this may caused, and we are evaluating options to avoid such downtime ever happen again.

3. February 2017 16:32 CET
Unscheduled downtime.
     Hosting provider has a general cooling fault near the servers hosted for Induct, which resulted in a unscheduled full service shutdown. Induct service is unavailable for all clients.